Spello and Nearby Towns

The map to the right shows Spello and towns nearby. Click on each icon or tab below for more information about each town.

The area surrounding Spello is littered with hill top villages offering exquisite views, archeological sites, wineries, churches and a wealth of history. This area is also known for its excellent regional Umbrian cuisine.

Spello: Umbria's hidden gem


Spello is a small hill town in in the hills of Umbria - known as "the green heart of Italy". Tucked away near the gentle slopes of Mount Subasio, this charming 12th century village has been nicknamed "The Jewel of Umbria" because of its rich history, uniquely preserved Roman and medieval architecture and its breathtaking views. This Umbrian hidden gem, offers culinary delights of the Umbrian regional cuisine bring sophisticated tourists to its wonderful local restaurants, local grown porcini and truffle mushrooms, olive oil and wine.

Spello's narrow alleyways and winding cobblestone streets brimming with colorful plants, lure the visitor to explore its hidden courtyards, alleyways and stone architecture. This charming historic village with quintessential views is surrounded by rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and sunflower fields. Because of its central location and its train station, it is a great jump off point to visit nearby beautiful historic villages like the wine producing Montefalco.

Spello's most famous festival is the "Infiorata", where locals decorate the piazzas and the streets with "flower carpet designs". This artistic and fragrant display is the pride of the village, drawing thousands from all over the world.


A 15 minute drive up the hill from Spello, an enchanting drive through olive groves to a miniature postcard village with a great restaurant: La Taverna di San Silvestro where the owner and his wife will cook you fresh home made pasta with porcini mushrooms and other regional delicacies at reasonable prices. A true medieval experience dining in a cave with vaulted ceilings.


Driving time from Spello: approximately 15 minutes.

Bevagna is an old Etruscan town. You can take a stroll through town, visit the small center and head for Montefalco from here, taking the winery road,a very picturesque road to Montefalco.


Driving time from Spello: 25 minutes.

Montefalco is home to some of the best italian wines, including the Sagrantino wine. If you like wine tasting check out places with names like Enoteca, Cantina, Degustazione. Some of these places offer olive oil tasting as well.

Montefalco is nicknamed "la ringhiera dell'Umbria" - the balcony of Umbria. It has one of the best views in Umbria. Take a wine tasting tour, sample some of the local cuisine such as strangazzi pasta with truffles, explore the surroundings. It is very worthwhile.

You will find several shops selling hand woven fabrics such as tablecloths or towels. Have lunch or dinner at Hotel Ristorante Ringhiera Umbria,wich is located in a cantina -- cellar.


Driving time from Spello: approximately 25 minutes.

Spoleto is a center of classical music and dance.

Spoleto is known for its international festival of music, dance and theatre. It takes place every summer for 10 days from approx. the end of June to the beginning of July.

Spoleto has great ruins dating back to Roman times. Twice the size of Spello, it has great views, wonderful restaurants and an old city center worth visiting. Spoleto is surrounded by green valleys. It has an archaeological museum / Roman theatre, and a beautiful cathedral with a Romanesque façade. The cathedral has some great frescos by Filippo Lippi. The Roman Ponte delle Torri is very worth while visiting. Walking across the bridge is a must for the views.


Driving time from Spello: approximately 40 minutes.

Visible from afar on a high bluff, Todi is a slow moving village. It is beautifully restored. You can take a leisurely walks through the town. Be sure to visit the Piazza del Popolo and the Cathedral amongst other things.

For a panoramic view drive up to Parco della Rocca.

Festivals: Todi hosts an antique fair at the end of March. It also hosts a festival of theatre, ballet, jazz and classical music mid July.


Driving time from Spello: approximately 1 hour.

The main attraction in this town is the magnificent Cathedral. It is considered one of the jewels of Gothic architecture. The town of Orvieto sits atop a volcanic rock.

You would need a whole day to cover Orvieto and surrounding areas. The town is littered with small enotecas –wine and cheese shops, bakeries, caffes and restaurants and ceramic shops.

If you like to take the tour of underground Etruscan tombs, you can do it from Piazza del Duomo near the tourism office.


An approximately 15 minute drive or 7 minute train ride from Spello.

Assisi is the town of St. Francis. Is the number two religious center in Italy, after the Vatican. The basilica di San Francesco D’Assisi is the main attraction here. Its frescos, damaged by the recent earthquake have been restored. Its stained glass windows are masterfully executed. Assisi deserves a minimum of one day.

Festivals: During Easter Week processions take place.

The first week of May Assisi hosts Calendimaggio, a medieval festival. Locals get dressed in elaborate medieval clothes and have a big spring celebration. From late august to mid September there is a music festival.

Our favourite restaurant in Assisi is a few minutes away from the Basilica, Ristorante La Locanda Del Podesta’ , Via San Giacomo no.6 Assisi.


An approximately 25 minute drive or 20 minute train ride from Spello.

Perugia is the home of the best chocolate in Italy. Remember Baci Perugina? It is also home of one of the best Jazz festival in the Europe. Perugia is also known for its university which attracts a large number of foreign students flocking there to learn Italian.

This lovely town has a great historic center and many sites including beautiful churches, famous buildings such as the Sala dei Notari and beautiful Piazzas where you can sit and have a meal al fresco. Perugia’s famous Rocca Paolina is a ruin often used for art exhibits and antique markets. If you like to walk on the Corso Vannucci check out some of the Italian Designer stores, “hang out” at the Piazza eating gelato and listening to young people play music in the street until late at night…..you should plan an afternoon and evening in Perugia.